Noria is, as developers say, the first window air conditioner designed entirely with you in mind. Dope.

Window air conditioners are usually quite costly, but have become quite a necessity, especially during the climate change, when we witness (and try to endure) incredibly high temperatures. The development team at Noria says Window air conditioners have always been big, ugly, loud, and difficult to install (and we do agree) - but they are about to change all that with the new Noria 5,000 BTU/hour window air conditioner, accommodating windows with opening widths from 21 inches and up.

It's quiet, keeps a low profile, and offers a fresh air mode. It also comes with a night mode, so it is not distracting you during your sleep. Cooling is done with vapor-compression refrigeration using environmentally and ozone-friendly R410a refrigerant. It uses approximately 460-480 watts, for an EER they estimate to be 10.4 to 10.8. 

The modern and very elegant Noria is less than 6" tall (because it's so small, it's also easy to store, when you don't need it - like under your bed). The highly engineered fans and ventilation system are quiet and efficient. Noria directs the cool air up towards the ceiling, creating a convective cycle that prevents cold and hot spots in the room. At 5,000 BTU/hr, Noria can cool a 10'x16' room (160 square feet), or two Noria units can cool a room up to 330 square feet.

There's no complicated modes or settings. Users can set a schedule via the iOS and Android apps to ensure you can come home to a cool space without running your electricity all day.

On Kickstarter, Noria already attracted almost 3,500 backers who pledged over $1,300,000. The team's goal was to reach $250,000.

Noria will be cooling you off beginning Spring of 2017.

June 3, 2016 Living photo: Noria

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