Just wag your finger and instantly feel like a powerful Jedi!


When you were a child, you were probably told it is not very becoming to use your index finger to point at things. Well, the creators of the LogBar Ring profoundly disagree. It may look like another ordinary silver plated ring, but this little fellow is able to detect the movements of your finger and identify the gesture being made.

A representative of the LogBar company says they were having some difficulties producing a gadget that looked ordinary, yet full of all the necessary components that make the 'magic' possible.The ring is bascially a wearable device that lets you control everything from your smartphones to your dishwasher with one simple move. All it takes is tapping the touch sensor once. Power on and you can start wagging your finger at your home appliances.Turn on the TV, dim the lights, write an email, snap a photo, make an online payment, flush the toilet (provided it's electric, of course).

The product is expected to be compatible with iOS, Android and Windows Phone, Google Glass and smart watches such as Pebble. Through onboard LED and a built in micro vibrator it is also capable of transmitting alerts from connected devices.

Obviously, the ring does not work on its own. The built-in lithium-polymer 3.7-volt battery promises a continuous usage time of about one to three days (equal to about one thousand 'finger-waggings'). It takes about three hours to fully charge the device. Sadly, you are unable to change the battery. Once the battery life runs out, all the magic is gone. It can be gone even sooner, if you drop it into the water. It's not waterproof. Not yet anyway.

June 17, 2015 Living photo: Ring

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