It's got beauty, it's got brains and it tells you when it's going to rain. 


Created by Wezzoo, Oombrella is a an umbrella turned into a smart connected device and some sort of a weather forecaster, as it will send a message to your smartphone, notifiyng you when it is about to rain - or just to tell you that you left it behind somewhere!

Despite it being so smart - on the go weather data and tracking is something we certainly wouldn't mind having to keep us informed and notified at all times -, Oombrella is, of course, in it's core - an umbrella that protects you from the rain.

You can pick it up in three various colors: the Shiny edition, a very elegant White Edition or the revisited yet classic Black edition. It's also available in two sizes, either a classic size or one that fits comfortably in your bag.

With Oombrella, however, you can also track other things, such as all your activity and see the weather have experienced during your trip. Integrated into the handle, there are various sensors, including those for measuring temperature, pressure, humidity and light. And there's more. On top of the Oombrella, there is a screw thread, which can be used to screw your GoPro or camera and record the world as seen from your travels, but from a higher perspective.

Truly unforgettable? Let us know in the comments below.

Feb. 24, 2017 Living photo: Wezzoo

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