Do you know how much the most expensive bottle of Slovenian wine costs? More than half a million euros.


Palmieri company, which launched a collection of three prestige dessert wines on the global market this year, drew the attention of a Russian customer with its bottles dressed in a unique sample of Idrija lace. However, the lace and white truffle in dessert Refosco were not enough; the customer also asked that the bottle be enriched with a 5.25 carat diamond. No sooner said than done. A goldsmith fitted the diamond on the bottle using white gold, which lifted the value of the bottle to over €500,000.

The special collection of Palmieri prestige dessert wines with honey, vanilla and white truffle, dressed in lace, is currently available at their online store, where you will pay €25 for a bottle – less the diamond, of course.

Aug. 20, 2015 Living photo: Palmieri

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