Displaying impeccable content on electronic paper has never been easier or more streamlined.

From intelligent updates to automatic image optimization and universal web CMS support, this is the new breakthrough version of the Visionect Software Suite, the brain behind the world's most successful e-ink signage.

Getting the absolute best from your electronic paper sign has never been as simple as it is now.

Supported by the zero failure track record of our products and a decade of low-power signage know-how, Visionect has worked hard to bring you the next step in the evolution of electronic paper—the Visionect Software Suite version 4.0 "Warhol", named for visual art mastermind Andy Warhol.

The Visionect Software Suite is a core Visionect product, in charge of all the operational aspects of running an electronic paper sign, from the content displayed to battery life and connectivity.

Andy Warhol revolutionized visual art, bringing it into the living rooms of the masses and paving the way for a new generation of artists. In a similar vein, the new Visionect Software Suite 4.0 "Warhol" uses never-before-seen technology to transform electronic paper into a mainstream powerhouse, building on an unheard-of epaper image excellence.

Any web page, easily

The first important new feature in "Warhol" is an integrated Content Management System (CMS) with universal web CMS support.

Visionect software has been compatible with any CMS from its very beginnings, allowing users the freedom of choosing the content management tool that works best for them. This has now been made an even more seamless, user-friendly part of the Visionect Software Suite 4.0.

Enter any URL into the Suite to quickly display the content of a particular web page. This allows for effortless compatibility with any CMS—be it Four Winds Interactive, TransitScreen, Geckoboard, AirportLabs, or anything else. Just type in the web address of the output you would like to show on screen, and voilà, you're done! It's that simple.

July 16, 2017 Living photo: Visionect

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