The voters have decided. In the past two weeks around 12.000 fans of the Schönbrunn panda twins have cast their online vote on the internet site of the zoo.

Almost half of the votes (48.3 percent) were in favour of the Chinese name Fu Ban which translates to "Happy Companion, Happy Half" and refers to the fact that there are twins. Second with 29.1 percent came Fu Lin, the abbreviation of the Chinese mystical creature Quilin. Fu Xiong (Happy Bear) got 22.6 percent of the votes. Fu Feng, the name of the female was chosen by the zoo. "Feng" stands for phoenix who together with the dragon forms the imperial couple in Chinese mythology. "Ever since our first young panda was given the name Fu Long we were keeping Fu Feng in mind for a female offspring" explains the zoo's director Dagmar Schratter.

The panda twins who will be three months old next Monday will be officially named on November 23rd in a name giving ceremony. There will also be a big family celebration on November 27th. In the meantime the panda twins could be weighed while the panda mother left them for a short time to go to the outdoor enclosure.

The female offspring tipped the scales at 4.26 kilogram while the male weighed 3.97. Schratter says: "this is a fantastic weight. Compared to the other young pandas born in Schönbrunn this is exactly average. Fu Long was a little bit lighter at that age, our second offspring Fu Hu and the third one Fu Bao were a bit heavier." After the weighing process the twins were of course returned immediately to their tree hollow in the indoor enclosure. Either Yang Yang or the twins themselves will decide when they will make an appearance for the visitors. Towards the end of the year they will probably be big enough to climb out of their tree hollow.

Nov. 3, 2016 Living photo: Daniel Zupanc

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