Growing food on toxic waste inside a miniature factory in your kitchen is a thing.

Livin Studio, founded by Katharina Unger and Julia Kaisinger, from Austria came up with a very green idea on what to do with all the plastics that is suffocating our planet. They propose we simply eat it. How can we eat something that's made of plastic, you ask? Well, we can't, but we can eat the thing that eats plastic. 

In collaboration with Utrecht University, Livin developed a novel fungi food product grown on (plastic) waste, a prototype fungi-growing apparatus called Fungi Mutarium and even some slick culinary tools to eat it. 

Fungi Mutarium is a prototype, able to grow non-toxic fungal biomass, mainly the mycelium. According to Livin, Fungi is cultivated on specifically designed agar shapes (inspired by mushrooms in nature), called 'FU'. Agar is a seaweed based gelatin substitute and acts, mixed with starch and sugar, as a nutrient base for the fungi. So, if you want to grow your own I-used-to-be-plastic food, you take a Growth Sphere, place a FU inside and fill it with plastics that was sterilized under an UV light. Add fungi. Fungi then digests the plastic and overgrows the entire FU in a couple of weeks.

You can use some of the recipes Livin prepared, like a chocolate FU filled with yogurt. Bon Appétit!

Feb. 27, 2016 Living photo: Livin/Paris Tsitos

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