Don't miss out – the new, fourth issue of Plugin magazine is already available at your local newsagents'! Exciting news gathered for you from the innovative world of e-vehicles, new technologies, smart design and urban lifestyle.

On the racetrack, we've tested the 500hp plug-in sportscar Peugeot 308 r hybrid that will most likely start production in a year's time. We've visited Ljubljana, the European Green Capital of 2016, to check everything it has to offer and explored the technological novelties as developed by Google and Apple to smart up your home.

Can you imagine prospering in a traffic without traffic signs, lights or road marks? Where traffic participants communicate solely by making an eye contact? We've turned to Pieter de Haan, a traffic psychologist, to talk about what happens when autonomous vehicles enter such an environment.

After fifty years, a bold newbie is arriving on the scene – a lively symbol of free, liberal way of life, the new Mehari is making a grand come-back in the form of a boisterous plug-in hybrid. Developers sought inspiration in surfboarders' lifestyle, creating a sense of freedom by removing the old Mehari roof from an adventurous Cactus M that can easily transform into an intimate getaway under the stars.

Are people, who genuinely love to drive, facing a raw deal? Not at all. Car manufacturers are not developing autonomous vehicles to make drivers keep their hands off the steering wheels, but to simply help them make the time they spend in their cars far less stressful and more enjoyable. Sharing this sentiment is Toyota. The company developed a new technology called Highway Teammate, which is currently implemented in the Lexus GS Highway Teammate.

Green vacation. How to make an ethical choice and how to avoid deceptive advertising? Read all about it in our ecotourism guide.

We took a deep dive into exploring the market of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids for large families that require at lest six available seats; on top of that, we've checked what to expect from this year's FIA World Endurance Championship and wandered off into the intriguing world of art to learn about the latest technologies that are shamelessly helping modern art forgers get their way.

As we are no strangers to motorcycling, we caught up with Zero DS, while Audi Q7 e-tron, Volvo V60 D6 Plug-in Hybrid, Kia Optima Hybrid got us plug into the realm of plug-in hybrids.

In other news, the all-new Nissan Leaf comes with a more powerful battery pack now, and Toyota's RAV4 lineup is about to recruit the first-ever 4-wheel drive hybrid with one electric motor gracing each axle.

These and other stories are available for your reading pleasure in the new issue of Plugin Magazine.

One issue. 164 pages. Plug in. Drive off. Enjoy. Until we greet you again with the new edition, out on 25 May 2016. Be sure to check our digital issue as well – always with you, everywhere you go or get your copy of Plugin Magazine delivered to your door!

Feb. 24, 2016 Living photo: Plugin magazine

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