Don't miss out – the new, third issue of Plugin magazine is already available at your local newsagents'! Exciting news gathered for you from the innovative world of e-vehicles, new technologies, smart design and urban lifestyle.

We sat behind the wheel of Toyota Mirai, Toyota's serial fuell cell car, visited the Frankfurt Motor Show packed with intriguing electric cars concepts and explored the world of electric motorcycles.

What is the secret ingredient chosen by Porsche to create its third plug-in hybrid model Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid?

Plugin Magazine travelled to Germany and explored the wonders and delicacies of green Berlin – accompanied by urban bees from the famed urban gardens, we also checked what it is that fish and tomatoes have in common. But there is more. We were to New Zealand's South Island and talked to Peter Yealands, owner of the Yealands vinary. He took us on a tour around his estate, where clean energy is generated by the wind turbines and solar cells, and where hens listen to music and hatch larger eggs. Hard to believe? Read all about it.

Is it possible to drive down the railroad with a car? It is, shouldn't it be? A one of a kind travelling experience, penned for our readers by our columnist Joaquim Oliviera who wrote all about heading to Goodwood festival in a re-designed Smart – a mini-train, dubbed Smart Forrail.

What does the new Formula E season bring and what does the new Mercedes GLE 500 have to offer? It's been battling its rival, the plug-in hybrid BMW X5, since day one!

„The turning point, bringing internal combustion engine to an end, is a car worth 20,000 euros, with a range of 1,000 kilometers and capable of re-charging in just a couple of minutes," stated the electric car aficionado Rafael de Mestre in an interview.

Do you know how Jeff Bezos, Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman of the board of, as well as a family man worth roughly 48 billion dollars, spends his weekends? And how does the only real cyborg, Neil Harbisson, finds his way in a world full of colours, when all he can see is black and white?

And there is much more. An interview with Mischo Erban, twice World Champion downhill skater, and world record holder for fastest stand-up skateboarding who has just set a new world record skating on a runaway in Portorose airport. With electric board. Final speed? 95.83km/h!

These and other stories are available for your reading pleasure in the new issue of Plugin Magazine.

One issue. 164 pages. Plug in. Drive off. Enjoy. Until we greet you again with the new edition, out on 20 January 2016. Be sure to check our digital issue as well – always with you, everywhere you go.

Nov. 25, 2015 Living photo: Plugin Magazine

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