Reading Plugin Magazine in UK pavilion at EXPO  2015.

The current first issue of the Plugin magazine brings news from the world of e- vehicles, new technologies, smart design and urban style.

Eco sports car BMW i8 gave us a ride to an extreme outdoor adventure into snowy Switzerland; we played golf with the electric e-Golf; the plug-in hybrid Outlander PHEV surprised us with its flexibility; and we explored the streets of Barcelona with the new Volvo XC90 T8. And that's not all.

Eccentric Kia Soul EV, Renault's Ecolab, urban BMW i3 and a frisky Volkswagen Golf GTE are the cars we included in our first issue, while we also couldn't escape the new Toyota Lexus NX 300h with its distinguished wild design.

"We need to create a favourable environment for electric vehicles which take into account the needs and culture of mobility," the European Commissionaire for Transport Violeta Bulc told us in the interview. We also talked to aeronaut Bertrand Piccard and businessman Andrej Borchberg who want to circle the planet in five months using solar energy with their experimental plane Solar Impulse 2. Sounds like an adrenaline rush? How about Pipistrel's e-planes or Formula E cars, or maybe the 20-metre catamaran Solarwave 62 Cruiser which is powered only by electricity or a plug-in hybrid?

We also walked through the PATH house, the result of collaboration between a French designer Philippe Starck and the Slovenian company Riko; we experienced a modern pulse of the newest fashion trends, and took a look into the iWatch with Tim Cook himself. We also visited the Sheraton hotel with the Tesla Supercharger and spoiled our taste buds at the Devetak restaurant at the Vrh svetega Mihaela (San Michele del Carso).

One issue, 164 pages. Plug in. Take off. Enjoy! Now available in the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg, and in more than 100 airports in 32 countries.


May 29, 2015 Living photo: A. Petkovsek

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