Hot off the press: be sure not to miss out on the second issue of Plugin magazine, bringing you the latest news from the world of e-vehicles, urban lifestyle, smart design and cool, innovative technology. 

We took a peek at the Croatia-based Rimac Automobili factory, home to the notorious electric supercar dubbed Rimac Concept_One, which was presented to us by the company's 27-year-old CEO Mate Rimac. 800 kw and 305 kmh are the two numbers behind Concept_One, but that is not the only memorable thing coming from the factory of technological dreams. We also tested a bicycle, which performs like a rocket compared to other electric bikes - it can reach up to 70 kmh.

You may also be interested in Airbus's new project called E-fan, known for its 'electric silence', or just wish to join us at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (24 heures du Mans) and explore the volcanic sites of Costa Rica. 

"This is the challenge of ready access to so much information: the need to apply critical thinking to distinguish the good fromt eh bad," explained Vinton Cerf, father of the internet, in a featured interview. We also talked to a French digital artist, who created the first ever short animated film Chase me, made entirely out of 3D printed figurines.

10 locations, 11 races - the first Formule E season was full of exciting confrontations on the race track, but it was also exciting off the 'eye-candy lane' - Formula E driver Sebastien Buemi talked to us about his experience with racing.

How come Renaulto's Zoe tops the zero emissions vehicle sales charts and how many plugin hybrids will be launched by Mercedes?

We give you the story of BMW X5 xDrive40e, a plugin hybrid with its own app for smartphones, which makes it possible for its owner to control the vehicle from a distance.

VW Passat GTE and Audi A3 Sportback e-tron are only two of the many cars we flirted with in this issue, but that didn't stop us from taking the time to have some fun at the EXPO Milano 2015.

And last, but certainly not least - Jay Leno put down some of his thoughts on electric cars! Be sure to read all about it!

One issue. 164 pages. Plug in. Drive off. Enjoy. Until we meet again in the next issue, out November 25, 2015. Check out our digital version as well!

Aug. 26, 2015 Living

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