Can you imagine living on 17 square meters? Not really? Well, then you haven't yet seen the POD-Idladla modular home.


Clara da Cruz Almeida, an architect from South Africa, thought of a unique, minimalist home. You can assemble it and then move it to almost anywhere where there is 24 square meters of open land. It is completely solar powered. A pitched roof maximizes the solar potential of solar panels, while the white and mint green facade reflects the sun and keeps the home nice and cool, without having to waste energy a. k. a. use air conditioning. Minimal, aesthetic, energy-efficient, eco-friendly and affordable. 

"The house" has numerous openings and operable accordion doors to make sure your living space is naturally ventilated. The basic mobile POD is able to accommodate 2 persons and an occasional guest. If you need more space or expect to host more guests, you can arrange for a bigger home by pairing two or more PODs to host up to 6 people on 68 square meters

At the moment you can see the solar mobile home showcased at the Nirox Foundation Sculpture park, but it will soon be available to purchase as well. Estimated price lies between approximately 15,000 and 55,000 dollars, depending on the number of PODs and the amount of customization.

Sounds pretty cool, does it not? Now all we have to do is go to Johannesburg to get it!  

Aug. 5, 2015 Living photo: POD Idladla

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