A neatly designed, beautifully crafted lunchbox and a smart recipe app: get Prepd!


You think lunchboxes are mainly for children? Let's see. Firstly, it is way cheaper to bring your own food to work than to go out for lunch every single day. Balanced diet is important, so skipping lunch is a no go! Secondly, the food you prepare at home is the food you know - you know what you're eating, because you know exactly where you bought it (or perhaps even got those carrots from your own vegi garden?). Going healthy all the way! Thirdly, this is the most sustainable way of eating, as you are not throwing away any packaging and polluting your environment - you just use the same lunchbox every day. Convinced yet?

There is another thing, perhaps a bit trivial, but needs to be mentioned nonetheless. If images of Scooby-Doo or characters from Frozen are the first images that pop in your mind, when someone mentions a lunchbox, fear not - Prepd created a lunchbox that looks very stylish and modern indeed, so you definitely won't look like you're 8, when you carry it around. 

Prepd Pack is easy to use. Measuring 24.1 x 18.5 x 5.3 cm, it comes with a versatile modular system of removable glass-clear containers. You can arrange them in any way you like, as the individual food compartments can be combined in multiple configurations, so you custom-arrange them every day, depending on which types of food your lunch consists of. The sealable (food-safe, of course) containers are safe to freeze and even microwave. You can even store your soup in them, as they are said to be perfectly leak-proof. Added to the main box is also a set of magnetic cutlery.

The lunchbox comes with a Prepd app that will be available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The app is filled with prep-friendly meal planscounts your calories and gives you "meaningful on-demand feedback about your diet." Via app you can also join the Prepd community, so you can connect and share recipes with people who are just as passionate about food and health.

By the end of the campaign on Indiegogo on February 26, 2016, the project raised $2,224,348 USD in total. It was funded 5756%. On Kickstarter, 12,557 backers pledged $1,439,098. If these numbers are anything to go by, it seems this is a must-own lunchbox, even though it retails at $70!

Bon appétit!

July 14, 2016 Living photo: Prepd

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