GoPro camera, a daredevil and an insanely narrow gap in the mountain side in Switzerland. It was bound to all go very wrong. But luckily it didn't. See the result. 

Uli Emanuele dreamt of making this unforgettable BASE jump for 3 years. It was a record-breaking jump. A jump that could be his last. Honestly, you have to be a little (a lot?!) crazy to put on a wingsuit and just jump and fly over the mountains, aiming to crash-fly through a mere 2 meters narrow gap in the mountain side?

When Uli Emanuele made it to his jumping-off point, he knew there was no turning back. GoPro camera mounted on his headgear and an accompanying camera man recorded this unbelievable, extreme sport achievement. 

It all actually took place in September 2014, but the footage only appeared on social media last week and became an instant online sensation!

July 9, 2015 Living photo: Uli Emanuele

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