Get your app, scan the products you need and you're good to go. No queuing, no crowded megamarkets.


Based on his lousy experience, when trying to find an open supermarket with his little son, the 39-year-old IT specialist Robert Ilijason decided to open Sweden's first ''human-less'' convenience store - a 24/7 store that functions perfectly fine without the help of any human staff. The only time he has to het involved personally is when he has to manually restock the products.

It's really a brilliant idea. Customers only need to register for the service and download an app. Using their smartphones they are then able to unlcok the store door "with a simple swipe of the finger", enter and scan away the products! This is a small, 45-square-meter convenience store and it only offers products you might need urgently in your kitchen, such as milk, bread, canned food and diapers.

To avoid thefts, the store does not offer any tobacco products or medical drugs, while selling alcohol in such a store is prohibited by law in Sweden anyway. Owner, however, installed six surveillance cameras. Another safety measure is a text message the owner receives, if the front door is open for more than eight seconds or if someone uses force to enter.

Unlike in other convenient stores, here there are no queues and you don't need to pay right away - customers get charged on a monthly basis, receiving a monthly invoice based on their scanned purchases.

March 5, 2016 Living photo: Profimedia

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