It needs no battery to operate or a wired or wireless connection. Simply slide it on and type away.

Recently, Samsung added two new phones in its mobile phone mix: Samsung Galaxy Edge 6+ and Galaxy Note 5. The world follows them with interest, but only time will tell whether they sell well. A surprising accessory, however, is a keyboard that slides onto the cell phone changing it to a device with a physical keyboard (the screen is automatically reduced). Somehow, it seems we are going back to the previous decade, when mobile phones with a physical qwerty keyboard were extremely popular. But the fact remains that some users still have not got used to tapping on the screen. Such an accessory will be welcome to them.

Let us reveal that this is actually a plastic cover which is placed over the bottom part of the cell phone (the cover is also on the back) and does not connect (by wired or wireless means) with the phone. As a result, it needs no own battery and also does not consume the phone battery. You simply type on the physical keyboard and the phone detects it, showing the letters on the screen.

Price: $80.

Aug. 20, 2015 Living photo: Samsung

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