Bionic Model Rebekah Marine this year become the face of the #GREATtrade campaign for the U.K. International Department of Trade in partnership with Touch Bionics. Aimed at international businesses and governments the campaign will showcase the UK's trade and investment opportunities to a global marketplace, including the EU and beyond.

Rebekah was born without her right forearm, but ever since she became a proud owner of one of the most technologically advanced bionic hands, in January 2015, and twice walked the runway at New York Fashion Week.  On June 8th, a "bionic woman" will walk at the Runway of Dreams Foundation 2nd Annual Gala in New York City. She will be wearing pieces from Tommy Hilfiger's Adaptive Collection in partnership with Runway of Dreams, which is raising funds for a future of inclusion, acceptance and opportunity in the fashion industry for people of all abilities.

"I'm very grateful. This hand basically lets me do pretty much everything. I can't climb every wall or obstacle, but I also have no desire to do so. People are not grateful and appreciative of their bodies enough, not until they face disability," told us a few month ago. Read the interview here.

April 21, 2017 Living photo: Rebekah Marine

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