Last weekend of May Rovinj will welcome the fastest pilots of the Red Bull Air Race.


Red Bull Air Race world championship should be taking place in the olympic town Sochi (Russia) at the same time, but had to be cancelled due to a difficult economic situation. Promoters from Rovinj have already an experience of a race they organised and 5000 spectators are expected on this occasion.

Qualifications will take place on the 30th May, the following day brings a race for the Challenger Cup and, finally, the Masters competition. Tickets for standing places cost from 13 €, while grandstand seats start at 39 €.

Red Bull Air Race began back in 2003 and evolved into a world championship in 2005. Millions of fans follow the competition all over the world. A group of 14 best racing pilots compete in the fastest motorsport series in the world, amalgamating speed, accuracy and skill of flying to perfection.

May 21, 2015 Living Promo photo: Red Bull Air Race

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