High speed luxury travel - meet one of the most impressive things you've seen cruising on the water.

From London's own Glider Yachts, a new British luxury yacht manufacturer, comes the undoubtedly unique, almost out-of-this-world superyacht, called the SS18 or simply 'M'. In all honesty, this yacht looks like something Guardians of the Galaxy might be using to glide smoothly over the sea. It's high-power, high-performance, high-quality, highly expensive 18 meters long piece of wonderful technology promising the ultimate cruising experience for up to four passengers and a pilot

If one could compare it to anything at all, we could likely say it resembles the catamaran, which is by definition a watercraft with two equally long parellel hulls that ensure stability and speed. We say it only 'resembles' the catamaran, because it is so much more than that.

The aluminium Glider SS18 has been eight years in the making, incorporating best practice and expertise from Formula One and the aerospace industry, including a proprietary Stability Control System (SCS), which makes it possible for the watercraft to "glide" over the waves with 'unprecedented comfort' instead of cutting through them on a bumpy ride. The shallow draft allows access to out of reach bays, anchoring close to the shore and even beach landings. Powered by four 270 bhp supercharged Yamaha engines, developing a total of 1080 bhp, it can take you places at 56 knots (or, if one prefers, 103 kph). 

According to Glider statement for the press, Garmin has created a fully integrated bespoke dashboard, underpinned by its state of the art navigation system, incorporating twin 7400 series navigational touch screens to control all of the vessel's systems and navigation. The dashboard comes with embedded touch screens for clear and intuitive control. The SS18 is also said to be the first ever craft in Europe to be fitted with JL Audio's MM100s MediaMaster head unit and the bespoke audio system.

The SS18 is the first in a series of luxury superyachts, ranging from 18 to 80 metres, that will be hand-built by master craftsmen at Burgess Marine on the south coast of the UK, after striking a £100 million all-British deal between the two firms.

Sept. 14, 2016 Living photo: Glider Yachts

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