It will be named A8 and will positioned just above brand's flagship smartphone, Galaxy S8

Samsung has decided, that it is time to spread their line of smart phones. Few years ago, after their Galaxy 'S line' flagship smart phones became the thing to have in your pocket, Korean company started working on middle range and low range smart phones, called 'A series' and 'J series'. Within the first there were two phones, 'A3' and 'A5' and within the later 'J3', 'J5' and 'J7', later being weaker and cheaper, yet larger than A5. From year 2018 on thou, series A will get a brand new member.

It has recently been announced, that sometime next year we can expect the arrival of a new model of smart phone, Galaxy A8, which will be, according to official statement from the company, positioned just below the S8. Like the 'big brother' A8 will also feature Samsung's famous infinity screen and unlike some competitors it will only have one camera in the back (F1.7, 16 Mexapixels), but two in the front (F1.9, 16+8 Megapixels).

On sale from the end of next month

A8 will be available in two options: smaller A8 (5.6 inch SuperAMOLED display) or bigger and more powerful A8+ (6.0 inch SuperAMOLED display). Both of them will feature Octa core CPU, however A8+ will be available with either 4 or 6 GB RAM, whether A8 will be stuck with 4 GM. Being a bit weaker, A8 will use a smaller, 3.000 mAh battery, whereas A8+ will be equipped with a bigger, more powerfull 3.500 mAh one. Both phones will comply with IP68 standard, meaning they will be water and dust proof.

Samsung is planning to launch their newest phones until the end January 2018 with prices yet to be revealed.

Jure Šujica
Photo: Samsung

Dec. 20, 2017 Living photo: Samsung

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