Help keep them safe with anti-poaching squads.

Poaching rates have already surpassed the yearly average with 20 elephants found skinned since the beginning of 2017.

Myanmar's elephants are dying horrific deaths for their skins. A belief that their skins can 'cure' certain diseases has led to an unprecedented surge in poaching. Elephants, including mothers and calves, are shot with poisonous darts and die slow and gruesome deaths before being skinned. The urgent need of the hour is trained and equipped ranger teams who can be deployed to priority areas to protect the elephants.

Current rangers lack training and are ill-equipped to stand up to the poachers, who are armed and backed by criminal networks, but with your help, WWF can train and deploy up to 10 ranger teams while working with the Myanmar government. Every ranger team can effectively patrol the movement of a single elephant group (~400 sq. km.). These teams will be given the best ranger training, surveillance equipment and cross-terrain transport so that strong and immediate on-ground action can be taken.

It takes 35,000 SGD to train, equip and deploy one team. The faster and more ranger teams they put on ground, the better elephants can be protected. Help them raise enough funds by June 30 for this. Let's #SaveTheirSkins. You can donate here.

June 30, 2017 Living photo: Kerala Tourism

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