The average American uses 75 litres of water to shower. With Nebia, he would only use 22.

The startup company Nebia from San Francisco has recently manufactured a prototype of a shower that will save 70 percent of water to an average household. When compared to an ordinary shower handle, of course.

According to their calculations, the average person in America uses 75 litres of water while showering. The manufacturers claim that with Nebia, he would only use 22 litres, or 53 litres less. Based on this, they calculated that their shower would pay for itself in two years (the retail price is estimated to be 399 dollars).

Classic shower heads simply exude water in the form of drops. Nebia's shower head breaks the drops into extremely small particles (almost like steam) while still allowing easy washing and hydration.

The set contains a part that is attached to the wall (no plumber needed) and the shower head. A hand shower is included as well.

The Nebia shower is expected to arrive on the market in May 2016.

Aug. 15, 2015 Living photo: Nebia

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