A creative team from the Naresuan University developed watertight degradable food bowls from leaves!


The research team reportedly decided to create sustainable food containers in order to fight against the enormous amounts of waste people produce every single day, just by using polluting food containers, such as those made of plastic or styrofoam that linger in the environment after we toss them.

According to Bangkok Post, researchers spent over a year developing ideas and trying to find the right solution. In the end, they came up with bowls made of leaves that were durable and firm enough to replace the polluting containers. Moreover, these sustainable bowls - that can even hold liquid (may it be water or perhaps soup) - degrade naturally once no longer needed.

If you're wondering what kind of leaves were used, the team stated that the most appropriate ones were the leaves of the thong kwao (bastard teak), sak (teak) and sai (banyan) trees.

April 19, 2016 Living photo: Chinnawat Singha via Bangkok Post

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