Get ready for sex dolls with an artificially naughty mind. 

RealDoll creator Matt McMullen is working on an artificial intelligence technology that will allow a sex doll to have a full conversation with you. The project, called Realbotix, is the company's first venture into the world of artificial intelligence. It involves an AI-powered animatronic head that can be fitted onto pre-existing doll bodies, a pocket-pet doll accessible through an app and a version of the doll in virtual reality.

The AI is in its development phase, but in two years, you'll be able to buy a robotic head for about $10,000 that blinks and talks back. "The dolls we've always made had a high level of customization to them, so each and every doll that we make is unique in that the customers have chosen all these different variables. The idea with the AI would be much the same: that the user would be able to choose areas of interest, and we will put those blocks together to create the basis for the AI," Realdoll's boss McMullen told PSFK. For example, when the person wants to talk about golf, then the doll would have some frame of reference and be able to have a discussion. 

The AI head will be compatible with existing doll bodies, the first batch will be female, and if they're successful, a male version will likely be next. Expect to see models available from 2017. The next step will be to make full-body animated sexbots, which will cost up to $77,000.

But be careful, it's not impossible to believe that you can fall in love with your sex robot. Remember Lars and the Real Girl movie? 

Sept. 29, 2015 Living photo: RealDoll

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