This mega solar-charging babe comes with a 13000 mAh battery, which is big enough to charge your entire mobile device extended family.

Almost 520 backers pledged funds to help bring Solartab to life and here it is now! It does remind you of an iPad, but this is no tablet - it just has a very large... solar panel. Its massive 13000mAh battery stores energy for an 'after-party' and breathes life to your mobile phones and tablets (individually or at the same time), yet it only weighs around 400 grams. So, it's big as heck, but easy to deal with it, if you're used to carrying around big stuff like iPads.

Since solar panels can only fully release their potential when sunlight hits them as directly as possible, the cover has been designed to also serve as a stand, which always ensures maximum efficiency. You can adjust the stand in three different positions, so you can always turn to follow the sweet and totally free energy of the sun. The apparently stylish device can charge up during the day, but you can also use two USB ports and/or a micro USB port for wall charging during the night - that is, if the battery still carries enough juice, but that goes without saying.

The manufacturer claims this solar charger - fully optimized for Apple iPhone, iPad and Samsung tablets and smartphones - can fill up your iPhone in no more than 1.5 hours, while charging iPad lasts for about 4 hours

Solartab is read to order now for 119 dollars.

Sept. 7, 2015 Living photo: Solartab

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