They're acing it with their furniture and perfect interior design solutions for smaller appartments, while making headlines with the company's sustainability policies. Ikea's Sladda bike is a step forward for the company, fittingly offering a practical and affordable 'green' personal transportation option. 


We already wrote about Ikea's products made from recycled materials and The Farm, Ikea's very own, on-site aquaponic garden, but now their commitment to keep our environment clean is getting matched by a clean means of transport for their customers. It doesn't get any greener than walking or pushing the pedals on your bike, so Ikea developed Sladda, the city 'bike for life'. And what's more, Sladda is now coming to the US as well. IKEA recently announced that the bike would come to the US market in February at $399 for "IKEA Family" memebers and $499 for other customers. 

The Sladda bike relies on a corrosion-resistant drive belt - a rustproof, durable and maintenance-free alternative to a regular chain. IKEA claims the drive belt will last up to 9,320 miles (15.000 km), which is two to three times longer than the average chain drive. A chainless bicycle is the multiple award-winning design (also Red Dot Design Award) and has already been dubbed the "best of the best."  The rustproof aluminum frame is coated with 2 layers of lacquer to make it extra resistant to scratching, road salt and mud. Thanks to aluminum frame, the bike is lightweight and easy to bring along anywhere you go. The automatic 2-gear system is integrated into the rear hub, so there are no wires that rust, break or need regular maintenance. The height and angle of the handlebar can be easily adjusted to suit your height and preferred riding position. Sladda will be available in two different sizes.

Read more about the Sladda city bike that comes with 25-year limited warranty on the frame and 10-year limited warranty on the belt drive at IKEA.

Jan. 23, 2017 Living photo: Ikea

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