If you are an adventurer by heart, love being one with nature and you wish to isolate yourself for a bit and leave the fast city pace behind, PurePods has just the thing: a house made of glass in New Zealand offering a remarkable, out-of-this-world sensory experience!


In the surreal solitude of New Zealand nature there stands a glassy 20-square-metre hut. It cordially invites you to shake off all your worldly worries and immerse yourself into your private slice of heaven on Earth. Wherever your eyes may wonder, through your glass walls, glass roof or glass floor, you will not be in any way interrupted by annoying buzzing bugs and bad weather, despite the fact you are sitting right in the middle of nowhere, surrounded only by nature, pure and wild.

This glass getaway above Little River serves as a perfect, quiet couple's retreat, and is very much nature-friendly. It involves using sustainable energy wherever possible, minimising the use of non-renewable energy sources, using local water and returning the water to the local area just as clean as it came to us. Rainwater that falls on the roof is returned under the floor to water the local plants. Waste is cleaned as naturally as possible, organic cleaners are used exclusively, so your effect on the environment is truly kept to a minimum.

If you wish to impress your boo, a romantic getaway under a starry night sky might make your loved one very happy. The environment will approve as well. However, this privilege does not come cheap. 390 $ per night. Is it worth it? It is definitely worth thinking about it.

June 15, 2015 Living photo: PurePods

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