Help make the air cleaner and I'll give you free WiFi!

TreeWiFi is an initiative that wants to motivate Amsterdam residents to actively battle air pollution by, for example, using public transportation and their bikes instead of their cars. In return, they would be rewarded with free WiFi when the air quality improves in their street.

Measuring air quality are lovely-looking, smart birdhouses with inexpensive sensors installed. The birdhouses are mounted on trees in various streets in Amsterdam to monitor air pollution on a more local level; meaning, a person can always check air quality in his or her own street, not only rely on general, state-wide data.

Birdhouses are also equipped with WiFi routers, and the singnal is free, but here's the catch: free WiFi is available only when the sensors detect improvement of the nearby air quality. The current status of the air quality is signaled by a subtle ring of light. The same information can also be observed on an app.

The team behind TreeWiFi believes that by installing these smart boxes in every street or neighborhood will offer greater insight into what exactly goes on in the air in very specific areas and, at the same time, motivate citizens to get involved in reducing air pollution.

You can follow TreeWiFi on their Facebook profile.

Aug. 16, 2016 Living photo: TreeWiFi

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