You can order a socket to turn on an appliance through a domestic router and remote application.


In the past, the term smart home meant luxury. Luckily, today this is not the case anymore. The competition is fierce. This time we present Smart Plug iHome.

As the letter i in iHome indicates, their device, which is simply inserted into a socket and connected to the (wi-fi) system is operational and compatible with Apple's HomeKit. But they didn't want to limit themselves only to users of Apple phones and tablets. That is why they prepared iHome Control app, which allows you access to smart sockets if you are connected with the internet. The app is available for iOs (8.1 or newer) and Android (4.2 or newer). The only condition is that the sockets are in the range of the router, which communicates with them through wi-fi and tells them whether the socket, which is connected to a light, fan, air-conditioning unit or any other electric device, should turn on or off. The order is executed though the app and if you're using Siri, you can manage the sockets though it as well.

Smart Plug costs under 40 $. It's not cheap, but it is simple and it works almost as soon as you take it from the box.

Aug. 21, 2015 Living photo: iHome Smart Plug

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