Anyone who wishes to take a glimpse into the future of skiing, could perhaps already consider booking next winter's holiday in Ski amadé. Only there it is possible to test the "Smart Ski Goggles", placing region-specific ski area information literally right in front of wearer's eyes.


All important and current information about the area is forwarded directly to the ski goggles. In the lower right field of vision the skier finds the way to the desired ski lodge, the lift or simply an overview of the current piste or lift status.

For the ski season 2015/16 the information for smart goggles has been extended further. Thus, the attention of skiers is now actively drawn to attractions which they are passing, so they can no longer miss them. If there is a lovely mountain lodge 50 metres further on, the goggles will point it out. If there is a particularly good photo point on the edge of the piste, the goggles indicate it. Always on the lower right and always only as large as it is necessary for the user to be able to read it without reducing his or her field of vision.

The following information provided by the smart ski goggles is also new - piste regulations and Webcams with live freeze frames in real time. One can also insert an individual threshold value into the speed function.

The Smart Ski Goggles are complement to the Ski amadé app, which offers countless advantages – from the integrated geomap to the timeline, which records the day's skiing chronologically. Beside all the differences in altitude skied, the speed and the kilometres of piste covered, the statistics also include an estimate of the calories burnt off.

You can rent the goggles for 19 euros per day or buy your own pair, of course.

Oct. 16, 2015 Living photo: Ski amade

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