Does your house feel too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? Consider moving into a unique rotating solar structure called Domespace and your home will literally follow the Sun.


Designer Patrick Marelli created indeed a very special house for the Solaleya company, known for its eco-friendly designs and housing solutions. Domespace – constructed using ecologically responsible and recycled materials, nothing but FSC-certified wood with no harmful chemicals and solar panels on top of the structure – proved to be truly energy efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological. A true passive house.

The bottom of the house is raised from the ground on a reinforced concrete pedestal, eliminating any contact between the structure and the soil, the dome is said to be safe from floods, even resisting strong winds without any damage up to 240km/h and seismic rays of 8 under the Richer scale. The dome can be built on various demanding parcels, such as oceanfront or mountain flank.

And how does it work? You can direct the dome to rotate on its axis and point it towards (when it's winter) or away from the Sun (when it's hot outside). The position of the UFO-like dome can also be regulated automatically. So you can adjust the room temperature, but there is more. You can also constantly change your view!

Sounds great, especially if you're particularly prone to dizziness and motion sickness.

June 15, 2015 Living photo: Solaleya

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