Solartab® C is the first solar charger with USB-C and brings you everything you need in one.


6.5W solar panel, 9000 mAh battery, USB-C and dual USB ports with Quick Charge 3.0. The revolutionary product was revealed to the world through on Monday, October 3rd.

USB-C is a future proof, reversible and high power connection that works both as power input and output. Always charge your mobile devices and the Solartab® C itself at maximum speed. Including USB-C devices like Samsung Note 7, Google Nexus 5x and 6P, HTC 10, LG G5, OnePlus 2 and 3 and even the Macbook (and the rumored Google Pixel smartphones). As well as all your regular USB devices, like the iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7.

An item now features the Solartab team's new proprietary charging technology. Making both charging your devices, and the internal 9000 mAh battery, quicker and safer than ever before. And the team has included Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology on all the charging ports, making your devices charge at the fastest rate possible.

Unlike the original Solartab, the Solartab® C not only charges phones, tablets and other small USB devices, but also the Macbook. Keep all your devices powered up on the go!

Oct. 4, 2016 Living photo: solartab

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