Don't miss the wonderful installation that was created in Covent Garden as part of the upcoming London Design Festival!


Charles Pétillion is a French artist and photographer who recently unveiled a spectacular installation of 100,000 white balloons illuminated from the inside. They hang from a ceiling of the Market Building at London's Covent Garden, stretching to a total length of 54 meters and making you feel like you are standing underneath a humongous cloud of gigantic, softly floating white grapes. Pétillion's first publicly displayed art piece (as well as his largest one to date) is entitled 'Heartbeat' and is actually inviting you to visit the upcoming, absolutely remarkable London Design Festival.

Yes, the annual London Design festival is back and it's treating us with astonishing works of art, installations, exhibitions, talks and awards all across London. It annually pays tribute to designers who are making or have made a significant difference to our lives through their innovation, originality and imagination.

According to their press release, the London Design Festival has attained a reputation as one of the largest and most innovative design events in the world, since it was established in 2003. This year the Festival will again celebrate and promote London as the design capital of the world, creating a platform for inspirational design initiatives. Over 350 events and installations will be on offer across the city, from a stimulating programme at the Victoria and Albert Museum to a series of installations and exhibitions in Somerset House. The Festival will showcase ideas from more than 250 partners, representing the heart of London's design community, proving its role as a leading force in the city's creative economy.

More information on the festival itself can be found here.

London Design Festival 2015 is taking place from 19 to 27 September.

Sept. 4, 2015 Living photo: Paul Grover

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