Wouldn't it be great if you could play in a public indoor park even when it's really cold outside? In Stockholm, you can!


Created by Utopia Architects, S:t Erik's indoor park is meant to be a "public space for play, socialising, contemplation and cultural experiences" for all ages and interests. On top of that, it was very important for Utopia to create a perfectly sustainable building, hence the materials they used were climate smart, resistant to tough weather conditions and recyclable to make it truly environmentally friendly.

To secure maximum energy efficiency, the building is capable of producing its own heating for a most of the year. When it gets very cold, designers say the park "should be able to reuse heat from exhaust air from the adjacent underground and the garage beneath St Eriksplan."

The 1,500-square-meter park itself functions as any other park would, but it comes with roofs; egg-shaped roofs under which visitors can enjoy the wonderful plants and warm up, for free. The environment beneath the roof is a controlled one, so it offers a welcoming environment any time of the year, including during the colder and darker parts of the year. There will be enough space to organize stage performances and educational activities. Utopia architects explain that they wish to see "meetings of authors with readings, preschool visits with flower planting, theatrical performances, consultation meetings for urban development issues, school concerts, meetings of associations, art exhibitions, children's theatre, guest performances from other arts centres, civic dialogue, debates, urban cultivation courses, and outdoor cinema."

The idea of the park came from the desire of increasing the number of non-commercial spaces, as also noted in Promenadstaden (the Walkable City), the current structure plan for Stockholm City. For now, it is only a plan, an idea, but hopefully it becomes real and gives the people of Stockholm and tourists a new, ecologically friendly alternative of spending their free time.

April 14, 2017 Living photo: Utopia Arkitekter AB

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