Vitafun - stand-alone or smartphone-controlled, interactive sex toy.

These sex toys can be used with your long-distance partner or random strangers on the internet. The Chinese company Vitafun first presented these toys – named after ancient deities – in Las Vegas at the beginning of the year.

The launch of their first products, called Aris and Ishtar was this month on Indiegogo. "Aris means Mars in Greek. In Greek mythology, Aris is the god of war. Ishtar is Babylonian version of Venus – it is the goddess of love and birth in Babylonian and Assyrian mythology. We think there is a connection between these two names and the powerfulness and elegance they embody and our products, so that's why," Owen Zheng, the Vice General Manager of Vitafun, explained the meaning of names to ean-online.

Aris masturbator has 380g super soft, silicone layers – creating a realistic, flesh-like feel. Ishtar thrusting vibrator imitates human movement with 3 motors & temperature-controlled vibrations. It's a brand-new sex toy that will deliver a whole new experience, especially when you use it with our app. Your long-distance partner is just a stroke away. Connect from anywhere in the world to control your partner's device manually, or sync up devices to stroke at the same time. And the price? $199 for early birds.

Aug. 15, 2016 Living photo: Vitafun

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