The long pier in the Hudson River on the west side of the borough of Manhattan in New York City, famously known as Pier 57, is getting a complete make-over.

According to LOT-EK, an award-winning architectural design studio based in New York and Naples, Italy, the epic conversion of Pier 57 will see the old, utilitarian industrial building brought back to life by becoming an open and public building, able to host approximately 2,600 visitors.

Estimated to open in summer 2015, SuperPier will include a 170,000 square-foot covered, open air and retail market, which will offer New York's first year-round affordable work space for smaller businesses. Within its four-level exisiting structure, you'll be able to enjoy restaurants on ground and second levels, as well as a beach club and spa, a 13,399-square-foot rooftop park with an outdoor movie and performance amphitheater, and a boat marina with cafés.

SuperPier's green roofpark is looking majestic and over 3,000 square feet bigger than originally planned. But because Pier 57 is og historic importance, designers were not allowed to place any trees or larger structures on the roof. So they came up with something practical – they introduced living green walls, which can also dub as seating or a decorational planter island. There were three types of plants (Clematis, Fallopia, and Hydrangea) specifically selected to bloom through the entire year, making the park change its looks and colours as the season change.

Sept. 21, 2015 Living photo: LOT-EK

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