Boom Art is an art gallery from the south of France, dedicated to creating limited edition skateboarding and surfing boards. This time they found their motives in art.


Boom Art, famous for their custom-made boards, joined forces with the European surf giant UWL Surfboards to create a beautiful series of limited edition collector surfboards, called the 504 series.

The series features astonishing works of art by masters such as Jan Van Huysum (1682-1749) and Jan Davidsz De Heem (1606-1684), depicitng still life and landscapes. Each artsy board was handmade in France (hand shaped polyurethane foam), while each edition is limited to 10 and is individually numbered.

Surfboards come with a certificate of manufactureare available with fins and a carrying case, with hooks to exhibit it on the wall. 

You wonder about the price? A limited edition surfboard 'Flowers 1' will cost you 1.890,00 €, but you can also opt for the 'Flowers Triptych' (3 surboards included) for 5.600,00 €.

Good luck and keep on surfing! If nothing else, keep surfing the internet.

Oct. 6, 2015 Living photo: Boom Art

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