Northern Wales is proud of its water park, where you can learn how to surf.


Riding the waves with a board at sea is one of the most spectacular sports but waves can ruin your experience. They can be either too small, too big or there aren't any at all. If you ever took a course, you know that you need to catch the wave. And that no wave is the same of the previous one. But what if all waves were always the same? This would make learning much easier, it would fill you with self-confidence and it would prepare you for real waves, several meters big. Surf Snowdonia (northern Wales) commercial project is therefore perfect for anyone, who wishes to master the board and avoid the sea because of sharks, for example.

At the Surf Snowdonia lake, the waves (yes, they're artificial) are released simultaneously for beginners, for users with basic knowledge and for advanced surfers. The waves reach from 0.7 to 2 meters (depending on where you are). The wave travels 150 meters and lasts up to 16 seconds. A new wave is released every 90 seconds.

The entry to the lake and observing are free of charge. But if you want to test yourself in the water, one hour will cost you 19 to 45 pounds, while two hours cost 39 to 59 pounds.

Aug. 16, 2015 Living photo: Surf Snowdonia

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