See eco-friendly dresses celebrities wore at the Met Ball.

Livia Firth (wife to Oscar-winning British actor Colin Firth) is a creative director of sustainability brand consultancy Eco-Age and founder of their world-renowned communications arm "Green Carpet Challenge (GCC)". The platform is based on the GCC Principles of Sustainable Excellence, bringing together design teams and celebrities to create eco-friendly dresses that pair glamour and ethics to raise the profile of sustainability, ethics and social welfare.

At the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) Gala 2016, quite a few celebrities accepted the Green Carpet Challenge, appearing in intriguing, eco-friendly dresses. Emma Watson, Lupita Nyong'o and Margot Robbie wore stunning gowns created by the iconic brand Calvin Klein, embracing the Green Carpet Challenge.  

Margot's optical white strapless dress is lined in organic silk and has zippers designed from recycled materials, which were also incorporated into Lupita's jade sequin dress with velvet straps.

Emma's five-piece look was created from Newlife fabric, a unique yarn engineered from used plastic bottles. The lining was crafted from organic silk and cotton, while the zippers were made from recycled plastic.

Michelle Monaghan's hruffled vegan-leather look was topped with sequins crafted from recycled beer cans.

These dresses are most likely not the kind of attire one would wear to the office every morning, however, they do offer some interesting ideas about sustainable clothing. Who knows, someday one of us might create a perfectly wearable jumper out of bottle caps.

May 4, 2016 Living photo: Profimedia

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