The widely published and globally exhibited works of the Anders Berensson Architects company have another astonishing project under their belt. In Sweden, they took on a massive project that will almost literally make it possible for you to take a long walk in the sky, observing city streets and rooftops from high up above.

In central Stockholm, Anders Berensson Architects has designed a new city area. In order to create a green city on top of the train track area next to Stockholm Central Station, they were commissioned by "Stockholm Centre Party".

The population of Stockholm is growing rapidly and requires new housing opportunities. In the spirit of green, eco-aware future, the plan is to work on exisiting neighborhoods and infrastructure, building a very tight, connected and high city area that could accept and accommodate as many people as possible, while at the same time create a wonderful place to live.

The firm has designed a brand new type of city block, a flexible design that can vary in height and adapt to any light conditions and views. According to the architects, courtyards and roof terraces are crossed by public paths, so the larger common parts of this residential area are actually accessible to the public, walking by. The construction is said to be the highest one in Stockholm!

They intend to make the 'sky walk' on the roof terraces in Stockholm "one of the longest parks with the best view in town". Every second row of the houses is low (up to 4 floors maximum), and every other is high (between 7 and 30 floors). Living in these apartments, residents in 90 percent of them will have a beautiful lake view and enjoy the afternoon soon, shining through the lower parts of the blocks.

There will be roughly 5800 apartments available, with 8000 work places open and over 300 shops.

We can already see ourselves on top of the tallest building; what a view!

Jan. 8, 2016 Living photo: Anders Berensson Architects

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