Amplifying sounds from your iPhone with no electricity needed! 

iPhone accessories tend to be pretty easy on the eye, but all are made of plastic. And the more eco-conscious users say no plastic whenever possible. This is one of the opportunities to do just that - to hear your iPhone tunes better, choose a natural, wooden horn speaker!

Dubbed Symphonica, this stylish acoustic horn speaker was created by Symphonica SoundWorks (and designed by Frederick ("Freddie") Kwoh), representing the company's premiere product. It was constructed from environmentally friendly woods, and the most special thing about it is that it requires no electricity to boost the sound from your iPhone speaker. It can do so by up to 6db, acoustically amplifying its sound for a fantastic audio experience.

The beautiful wooden horn will sit nicely in any living room or office and it makes for one fantastic gift. You can even order it in various colours.

This classy iPhone accessory will become available later in 2016, but until then you can, if you so choose, support the project over at Kickstarter.

July 27, 2016 Living photo: Symphonica SoundWorks

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