Creating a serene micro-ecological environment with a natural swimming pond at its centre is a project by Rotterdam Studio Ooze Architects (Eva Pfannes & Sylvain Hartenberg) and artist Marjetica Potrc. 


The man-made freshwater pond is located in the heart of the construction site for the King's Cross Central development project in London. According to its designers, they are creating a place "where visitors can take a swim next to the aquatic plants that clean the water. The swimming pond is free of chemicals. The water is purified through a natural, closed-loop process using wetland and submerged water plants."

Of course, even if your adventurous spirit is ready to take a dip, it will have to wait to take its turn - namely, the daily number of bathers is restricted by the amount of water the plants are able to process in order for the pond to regenerate. The number is not as low as you might have imagined, though - the 40-meter-long and 10-meter-wide self-sustaining ecosystem can accommodate over 100 bathers.

It's built two meters above ground level and aims to explore the relationship between nature and urban life. As building material, the architects used natural resources "we vitally depend on but often take for granted" - soil and water.

The team is in the process of creating a kind of living outdoor laboratory, where people can witness and experience first-hand the nature's ability to restore itself.

Oct. 4, 2015 Living photo: Ooze architects

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