Feeling a bit nostalgic, when you think about your (or even your dad's) old cassette tapes? Here's something to bring back the good memories and have them stay - right there in your living room.


The team over at Taybles came up with a brilliant modern design for a very retro item – the cassette tape we all loved and worshipped in a time, when digital music was not yet an option.

Taybled was started by three brothers, artists themselves, who tried to create a piece of furniture that wasn't merely ''a functional piece of furniture, but also a nostalgic piece of art''. Inspired by homemade mixtapes, pop-art and modern design, Tayble products are the ideal choice for all musicians, artists and the young at heart.

One product may actually ring a bell to current movie goers as well, specifically fans of the up-coming Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. 

And here is the actual product, which can be yours for $1,699: the truly awesome ''Awesome Mix Vol. 2".

It comes with LED lights and rechargeable lithium battery, birch hardwood with Spanish oak stain, classic labe and black powder coated pin legs. The front shelf, protected by a magnetically clasped wooden tape-run, has a hidden, yet practical storage space for remotes and magazines!

You can see the more extensive gallery of products available and order yours by visiting Taybles online shop or via Taybles on Kickstarter.

Feb. 24, 2017 Living photo: Taybles via Facebook

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