TenneT, a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)-performing electricity transmission operator, strives to reduce our carbon footprint and secure a sustainable future with enough electricity for everyone by transitioning to renewable energy. One of their projects includes building an island for wind power to meet energy needs of Northern Europe.

TenneT's vision includes an island with a modular structure, a large European electricity system in the North Sea. Each module would cover approximately 6 km², which would be big enough to provide space for connecting roughly 30 GW of offshore wind capacity, according to the company. If needed, the island could later be expanded by adding one or two modules, also measuring 6 km² each.

The island could act as a hub to which many wind farms from locations with relatively high and stable wind speed can be connected. All the generated wind electricity could be distributed and transmitted over direct current cables to the North Sea countries (the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Germany).

As explained by TenneT, the cables would also "serve as interconnections between the energy markets of he North Sea countries, so besides distributing electricity generated by wind they will also be international electricity highways for international power trade: the Wind-connector."

The idea is on the table, now let's see what happens. We'll be keeping an eye on future news about this interesting project that would, among other things, also help reach the 2050 climate goals as formulated in the Paris Agreement (COP21).

April 12, 2017 Living photo: TenneT/Screenshot via YouTube

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