Very soon, Australia will build the first solar housing project, also known as the world's first "Tesla town", which is being designed, developed and built by the ''never ordinary'' Glenvill.


The small, 16.46 hectare riverside suburb just 6.5km from Melbourne CBD will be called YarraBend, named after the Yarra River running nearby and will host about 2,500 new dwellings. As standard design features, each house will be equipped with a solar roof and a built-in 7kWh lithium-ion battery, Tesla Powerwall, that will take care of residents' energy requirements. According to the developers, YarraBend has been "designed to achieve the highest level of sustainability and quality of life."

With green building design, and using only energy efficient lighting and appliances, Tesla's houses aim to have an overall minimal impact on the environment. Hence, the neighbourhood will not only strive on generating and storing power, but it will even offer electric car charging stations for the residents. Glenvill sales and marketing manager Nick Marinakis believes that YarraBend will certainly "achieve a 6-star ecologically sustainable development (ESD) rating."

Tesla town that could accommodate 5,000 people will include various types of dwellings, including "standing houses, townhouses and apartments with three to five bedrooms, ranging in price from $1.48 million to $2.1 million." Reportedly, the first sixty homes have already been offered to potential buyers.

July 28, 2016 Living photo: via Inhabitat

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