Taiwanese designer Sheng-Hung Lee designed - together with Wan Kee Lee - the TetraPOT, a sea defence sustainable system made of concrete, organic materials and plants, combining artificial and natural solutions.

As explained by TetraPOT creator Sheng-Hung Lee, eveything started with a a vision to create a stronger yet more environmentally friendly, greener sea defence. The artificial, concrete blocks don't only spoil the natural scenery, but they are certainly not one of the most sustainable ways of keeping the potentially deadly waves away from the coastline.

It was also noted that over 35% of the world's mangroves, natural sea defences, are already gone because of the greenhouse effect, which gave desginers additional boost to think about eco-friendly solutions and spread awareness among the people.

The result of their endeavours is TetraPOT, a sea defence sustainable system made of concrete, organic materials and plants. The decomposable pots come with plant seeds and as TetraPOTs are randomly placed along coastlines, they eventually interlock with plants growing out of the pots and the roots intertwining, growing a long-lasting sea defence of growing trees and roots that help keep the blocks in place - instead of seeing them dislodged in time by ferocious waves.

The team behind the green solution says their design will not only prevent soil erosion, but also help to protect and create a natural habitat. So, additionally to being a defence system, this is also a lively ecosystem.

Oct. 26, 2016 Living photo: TetraPOT

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