Come and see the most beautiful lettering come to life in stunning 3D!

Calligraphy is an old visual art of writing by hand. In recent times, it has become extremely popular again and artists, who can create this little wonders, are highly sought after to write artistic certificates of all kinds, wedding and event invitations, as well as to work on font design and typography, original hand-lettered logo and other graphic design.

Tolga Girgin is a calligraphy artist from Turkey, but creating mesmerizing illustrations with words is only his hobby, as he works as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer in a company in Eskişehir, where he also lives.

In an interview for Calligraphy Masters, Girgin said that eventhough he's been drawing sketches since he was a child, it was his beloved wife Zeynep who encouraged him to take on calligraphy, because she thought his handwriting was beautiful. This artist's favourite instruments for calligraphy are said to be the steel nibs, especially the ones from Brause N series, according to Girgin. He says they give his letters dynamism and sharpness

Girgin practices his calligraphy skills whenever he can, sometimes even for 2 or 3 hours a day. To create the special effect we see as 3D, he said he started to "deform letters and add some shadows under them", then topped it all with a modern twist on the letters. He loved the result and published his works on Behance - after that, he got noticed and published by various blogs.

When asked, how long does it take to complete a piece and what tools does he use to achieve the 3D effect, Girgin said: "It depends all on what you are thinking to do. A short word is very easy for me, about 20 minutes. But if I want to do it on two pieces of paper, or a sentence, I have to make some calculations, so it takes up to 2 or 3 hours sometimes. As I mentioned before, it all depends on the complexity of your wish. I use simple 2B pencil for shading."

You can follow Tolga Girgin on his Instagram account or his website at Behance.

Feb. 10, 2016 Living photo: Tolga Girgin

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