William Root, a designer from New York, created a prosthetic leg that combines both form and function, his signature designing rules.

The EXO prosthetic limb is 3D printed and made of hypo-allergenic, extremely strong and highly effective titanium. The design entirely depends on 3D printing technology, as it cannot be produced by any other means. Despite it looking a bit unconventional, it was created to offer people something that is reliable, comfortable to wear, affordable and highly customizable. The name EXO was inspired by the term 'exoskeleton'.

If you compare the EXO prosthetic leg with the 'standard' alternative, the most obvious difference one will notice is the design, the way it looks. Well, you can see right through it, for one thing, which is quite amazing. The basic idea behind this look is saying farewell to stigmas many people face on the account of missing limbs. Even if EXO can't possibly replace a real leg, it can give every individual the desired shape in order to match the other limb. This makes, for example, trousers fit exactly the same on either limb and boosts confidence.

The designer hopes his idea will pave the way to a more modern approach to manufacturing more efficient, custom-made, and even attractive prosthetic limbs.

Jan. 4, 2016 Living photo: William Root

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