Bikes are getting lighter and smarter, but in principle, their basic design remains the same. Now, the bike has evolved: the hubless carbon Cyclotron revolution is here.


Cyclotron Cycles from France have just successfully completed a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, receiving enough funds to start production on the world's first hubless smart bicycle with an electronic e-gear box. Dubbed Cyclotron Bike, it took over 3 years of extensive & highly confidential development and testing to introduce the prototype of what the creators believe to be "The Future of Cycling".

The Cyclotron, with the lighting system clearly inspired by the Light Cycle from Tron, is fully connected and controlled by the powerful Cyclo-App. One of the coolest - yet a bit confusing - features of the new-age bike is the drivetrain, which is (unlike with all other bikes) completely enclosed, so you can't see the chain nor the derailleur. As 'clean' a look as this may be, we can't help but wonder, how does one clean and service all these parts that are hidden inside the frame structure? 

You can opt for three versions of the bike: the 12-speed manual setup and the 18-speed manual setup. The E-Gear Box model comes with full electronic shifting. Shifting is said to be super fast - it should take less than 0.2 seconds to shift into another gear. The bike is equipped with two spokeless wheels and is said to be the world's first commercially available bike using this technology. It is made of Space Grade Carbon Fiber Composite to make it "rigid, stiff & ultra lightweight at the same time." By combining two layers of carbon fiber with an ultra lightweight core structure, they were able to use fewer layers of carbon fiber and less resin, without impairing stability.

The Automatic Light Sensor switches all the (LED) lights on/off, depending on the current daylight situation, so your visibility when riding in traffic or on roads with no public street lighting is always at its best.

Cyclotron comes with an integrated self-charging Li-Ion battery pack (located in the seatpost, removable) that can be charged from a wall socket using the optional Cyclo-Charger, or by the inbuilt dynamo. On a full charge, the lights on your sci-fi night ride will last for about eight hours without engaging the internal dynamo. The Cyclo-App notifies you when the battery is getting low, so you have enough time to re-charge before you run out of power completely.

If you have children, there are two other versions of the Cyclotron available - one is the Wingman (suitable for carrying one child) and the other one is called the Double Wingman (for carrying two children, one on each side).

Aug. 8, 2016 Living photo: Cyclotron Cycles

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