If your kids love tech, but you don't want them to spend their time on something silly and un-educational, this is a smart gadget that teaches them good habits and the concept of time.


According to the developers, Octopus is for children aged 3 to 8, it's wearable, visual and it grows with your kids. It's so cool, because it's also fosters independence, responsibility and self-esteem. Sounds good to us. 

All in all, it's a watch. Time is displayed using instantly recognizable icons, so even the very young children can 'read' it and understand it. What is also special about it is the fact that it connects time with a certain activity, so it all feels like playing a game - while learning.

It is also a scheduler, communicating to children when and what they are supposed to do, so they can do it all by themselves. Parents can program reminders - like brush your teeth or time for homework - using their smartphone that pop up on the kid's Bluetooth-enabled watch that is also water resistant and equipped with 600 different icons for various tasks and events.

Another interesting feature is having the watch 'grow' with your children. Some features unlock based on their progress, and it evolves gradually from displaying an icon along with time, followed by a digital clock with date and day of the week, to eventually an analog clock.

Octopus was created by California-based JOY that wants to reinvent how parents share time with their children. Aiming at stressless learning and spending quality family time. With 22 days left to go before their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter ends, you still can pre-order yours right here!

June 30, 2016 Living photo: JOY

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